Account Loans


Access Money Quickly with Savings Account and CD Loans

Statement and passbook savings are accounts that have always been a very popular choice for personal savings. Simple and reliable, these savings accounts afford customers the opportunity to save at their own pace, while simultaneously earning interest. Whether you have a statement savings or passbook savings account with Bogota Savings Bank, we provide a unique financing opportunity by allowing you to borrow against your very own savings account.

Borrow Against Your Savings

If you need to borrow money, sometimes the best financing option is against the funds you already have in savings. Take advantage of the opportunity to secure a loan from an already-existing Bogota Savings Bank savings account or certificate of deposit – without penalty. Customers can borrow up to 95% of the available balance in these accounts for as long as needed.


How to Apply

For more information and for a loan application, visit your local branch or call (201) 862-8260.

View Our Account Loan Rates

Bogota Savings Bank, headquartered in the Bergen County town of Teaneck, offers loans against statement savings and certificate of deposit accounts to its customers throughout the state of New Jersey.



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